Antiseptic and germicide

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This mud has been accumulated through millions of years and is in its most pure condition.

Its located in the "Lung of the World", the Amazon Jungle. This enviroment is rich in oxygen, vegetation and natural cycles is away from contamination and barely in contact with man.

From remote and virgin areas, it is extracted by hand and not by equipment or machinery and botteled on site, preserving its 100% purity.

This mud has being analyzed and certified by:
CERPER (Certifications of Peru CORP.)
INGEMMET (Geologic, Miner and Metallurgist Institute of Peru)
SGS of Peru SAC
FDA & USDA Cleared

The mineral content in the Anti- Cellulitis & Body Mud is as follows:

The mineral content in the Anti-Wrinkles & Face Mud is as follows:

The mineral content in the Anti-Stress & Relax Mud is as follows:

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