Amazon Skin Life brings you the secret of the Amazonas hidden by the millennial cultures. We have carefully selected and botteled this mud according to your specific needs, three types in five sizes. View Video Products

In it's natural state, this mud has a grayish-orange color. Is characterized by its anti cellulitis and firmness power, tissue regerator and toxin and impurity absorption. Also a skin smoother and exfoliator. It is also recommended for inflamed areas with great results!!


In it's natural state, this mud has a cream color. Is principally known as a facial rejuvenate mud, great for post peeling treatments, skin burns, Wrinkle reducer. It also helps in pimple treatments and acts as a toxin and impurity absorver !!! Recommended for sensitive skins.


In it's natural state, this mud has a yellowish-green color. It works with great results for relaxing and improving blood micro circulation, stress, and insomnia. It also helps in scar healing. Recommended for those looking to release tension!!

150 Grams (5.29 Oz)
350 Grams (12.35 Oz)
600 Grams (21.16 Oz)
900 Grams (31.75 Oz)
1,500 Grams (52.91 Oz)
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