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Plastic Surgeon
CMP 22741


"The therapeutic facial mud AMAZON SKIN LIFE constitutes an innovative therapy that allows me to treat my patients that have been operated with aesthetic surgery, and for overall facial surgery, including post-lifting and post surgery facial rejuvenation. It allows the treatment for the edema, the inflammation and the erythema that the patient could present.

In a quick application of thirty minutes I can achieve a significant reduction of the inflamed areas of my patients.

We also use AMAZON SKIN LIFE in the post-peeling or post-dermal abrasion, since it allows us to diminish the redness of skin that can be painful in some cases, achieving great relief in the redden sensation and ardor that the patient could feel".

"I have learned that the Amazon mud has better therapeutic effects than the Dead Sea mud. It has anti-inflammatory and decongestive properties. In what is facial aesthetic facial treatment, it is also used in anti-wrinkles therapy. We are also using it in burn patients that are in a scarring phase and that present great erythema, so that the skin soon recovers its normal color. It is also used in scars that still present redness or in a hypotrophy scaring. Amazon Skin Life mud can help to improve the appearance of the scar, which is very remarkable and very pleasant for the patient"

"My patients are very happy and thank, this new alternative that is not expensive, but at the same time it is a natural therapy without secondary effects."

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Jessica Tapia’s Testimony
TV Program Host

Since I discovered the properties of ASL I have not stopped using this natural marvel. Due to my work in television, my face area is being exposed every day to continuous sessions of make-up and is consequently mistreated.

My journalistic work is highly stressing, not only in front of the TV set cameras and its potent reflectors, but also in the search of the news in the streets of Lima.

I was told about the astonishing properties of this fine mud and I decided to try it. I used it with great results, even better than, those well-known rehydrating creams. I’m not only using ASL facial anti-wrinkles but I also expect to dive into my jacuzzi this weekend with an application of ASL anti-stress. I want to make sure I completely relax to arrive rejuvenated back to my program.

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